Teachers get raise in new school budget

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Selma City School leaders have approved a $21 million budget for the 2002-2003 school year, beginning Oct. 1.

A three percent increase in teacher salaries has caused the slight increase in the system’s finance plan this year, which will make room to spend an additional $400,500 to pay its educators and hike expenditures from last year, according to figures provided by the school system. The Alabama Legislature approved this increase in April and is a first for teachers in three years.

Overall spending outlined on the state and local level decreased minutely.

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The largest component of the budget are state funds. It has set forth $17 million.

The federal government will add $150,000 to the school budget. And the local level has coughed up close to $4 million.

Superintendent Dr. James Carter’s proposed budget was approved by board members Thursday.

Carter’s expected end-of-year budget shows a $6 million balance for fiscal 2003, similar to the previous year’s balance.

A school-by-school breakdown of the budget detailed the system’s expenditures.

Moneys received by individual school is determined by the number average number of students attending the school. Selma High School will qualify to get the most funding, with a projected 1,000-plus student population.

Phoenix School will get the least amount of financial support &045;&045; they have an average of 70 students attending daily.

Special education programs, government implemented programs, and child nutrition programs are all backed by federal funding totaling $6 million. These funds are categorized under the

Special Revenues category.