City schools reach out for positives

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 8, 2002

The Selma City School system is running an advertising campaign that points out the positives about the school system and the good things the system has accomplished.

The ads are meant to inform the public about the successes of Selma’s schools and are an attempt to wipe away a reputation that has been less-than-sterling in the past. The school system should be recognized for reaching out and telling its story and promoting the good.

Perhaps more good is on the way. Selma City schools will open a new magnet school on Aug. 14. The city’s first magnet middle school is being offered in what was the old Selma Middle School.

The magnet school, called CHAT Academy, will concentrate on communications, humanities, arts and technology. Students will study broadcast, art, theater, media and music. All Selma residents of middle school age are eligible for registration. Interested non-resident students need to complete an application and students will be accepted on space availability.

Magnet schools have done well in other parts of the nation. Magnet schools entice children who have a special interest and then the schools feed that interest. In some cases, the schools reach across racial and economic strata. Their classrooms feature a diverse student base.

If such could happen in Selma, the magnet schools would be a huge success.

The city schools should be commended for reaching out and trying something different. Selma earned federal funding for the schools and then went out and created two new magnet campuses.

For our area to grow economically, its schools must be perceived as being progressive and worth attending. The schools must also turn out people who can contribute to the work force.

It’s hoped that the CHAT Academy will prove to be another success story that can be featured and promoted as a city school positive.