Court returns children to mom

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 7, 2002

The incident that brought her to the Dallas County Courthouse yesterday afternoon was a case of seeking help turned bad. As a result, Torrey claims she will &uot;take action.&uot;

Michael Jackson, Torrey’s lawyer, has a different take on the action taken by the Department of Human Resources, especially since Torrey, her children’s father and close relatives took the proper steps to resolve the situation outlined by DHR.

The department’s Social Service caseworker Arfletia McGuire decided not to comment.

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It was last Wednesday, July 13, rattlesnakes that lived in the walls of Torrey’s mobile home began invading the inside of her home, she said. With hopes of trying to protect her children and herself, Torrey sought assistance.

She then remembers calling four different places she thought would be able to catch the legless rascals. She got no help.

As a last resort, Torrey contacted a local television station to see if a plea for help would find its way. It did, just not 100 percent.

That day the footage aired, and Torrey admitted that her home was infested by the snakes, not knowing what that was depicted would wreak so much havoc. It was the beginning to a short-lived nightmare.

Torrey said the next day, Thursday, DHR contacted her said told her that the children had to be moved from those conditions and suggest that they remained at a relatives house until the problem was fixed.

She did that.

Not long after she and her family were offered to stay at a motel, with funding provided by Silverstar Arcade – a business that eventually found her a new mobile home.

Once Torrey and her family moved to the motel, temporarily of course, DHR still decided to take all five of her children, even her five-month-old daughter that was being fed only by her mother’s breast milk.

This is what Torrey, and other witnesses to what occurred

Thursday between her and DHR, could not understand.

Proceeding her initial contact with DHR she was told that she had a certain amount of time to meet their requirements before they took action.

&uot;We did what they told me to do,&uot; Torrey said.

More than 15 family members and friends accompanied Torrey to the hearing to determine what would happen to her children.

In the end she got what she hoped for, a family reunion.