Wallace served out community well

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 17, 2002

The service Jamie Wallace has given to Selma and Dallas County cannot be summed up in a few editorial paragraphs. Nevertheless, we’ll try.

At the Times-Journal, we’re a little biased about Wallace and the good he has done this community. Many residents of Selma remember Wallace as someone who helped hold this newspaper together during a very fragile time in the community.

As a newspaper, we are forever indebted to Wallace because he built this news product into one that earned a national reputation for reporting accurately and in a morally correct manner.

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Others remember Wallace during his time in other media outlets. Most of us, however, remember his service to Selma and Dallas County as the president of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Jamie Wallace represents something Selma could stand more of: He is honest, caring and always wants the best for this community.

For those who have watched Wallace work on the Chamber, you know his gentle manner always brewed a positive attitude about the direction of this city. Even when times have been tough — when businesses have left and retail stores have closed — Wallace has always had a knack for pointing to a rainbow somewhere in the thunderstorm.

We wish more people in Selma could be like him. We often wish we had the same understanding and discernment at this newspaper that Wallace constantly displays about our community.

The most striking aspect to Wallace’s character, however, is that politics never meant much to him; and if ever someone should be worried about politics, it would have been Wallace.

Regardless of the mayor or the senator or the council member, Wallace has always kept the good of the city in mind. He has the capability to work with any person any place, not because he didn’t care, but for the exact opposite reasons.

What makes a community successful is not the number of wars waged over an issue, but rather the number of wars avoided. Wallace understands that and he has always been careful to avoid a fight if Selma could benefit.

Mr. Wallace, we appreciate your service to Selma and Dallas County. We know that most people have a hard time realizing what they have until people like you are long gone. But with you, that won’t be the case.

We know you have been a treasure both for this newspaper and for this community. Good luck in your future endeavors.