Same family arrested again

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 10, 2002

How many more arrests will it take, and how many more citizen’s lives will be jeopardized?

These are the questions members of the Selma Police Department are asking themselves, said Capt. Joe Harrell, chief of detectives.

In a story that seems to repeat itself, police once again arrested Tyron and Jarron Stallworth, 18-year old twin brothers, who have been charged with several shooting incidents as well as assaults in the local area. Some of the assaults were allegedly directed at police officers.

The latest arrests occurred in connection with a shooting incident that happened Monday.

At 1 a.m. Monday, several men — some of whom were armed — were involved in an argument at a parking lot located between Selma Avenue and Washington Street.

Several gunshots were fired, which reportedly resulted in three injuries.

Later that evening, after investigations by Dets. Mamie Haile and Tommy Buford,

police once again arrested the Stallworths, charging each with assault in the first degree, Harrell said.

Harrell thinks it is time to clear, once and for all, the danger imposed by the two suspects.

“These guys are dangerous and they should be really taken off the streets,” said Harrell, adding that he recently received complaints from two ministers in the area asking that the two brothers not be released on bond from prison again.

According to police records, Jarron Stallworth was arrested three times in 2002, while Tyron Stallworth was arrested seven times in 2001. Assistant Police Chief Robert Jacobs, when asked about the most recent arrests made on Tyron Stallworth, said the arrests had not yet been entered into the computer.

Besides Monday’s shooting incident, both Stallworths were also

arrested in connection with a string of drive-by shootings that occurred in several areas of Selma on June 18 of last month.

Several shots were fired into occupied houses in the areas as well as occupied vehicles. During the incident, a police officer was allegedly threatened with a weapon.

Tyron Stallworth was also arrested in March for allegedly assaulting an off-duty police officer while the officer was jogging. Other relatives and reported friends of the Stallworth brothers have also been charged with assaults, including assaults on officers,

press reports state.

Harrell said police are currently working with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office in order to ensure that the two suspects’ bonds are revoked this time.

“We are doing all we can, at this time, to make sure that these two suspects will not be let out once again,” Harrell said.