King pulls endorsement

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 16, 2002

The Rev. Glenn King, reversing a statement he made earlier, has decided not to endorse anyone in the Democratic runoff for the state House of Representatives District 67 seat.

King, who finished third in the June 4 primary, had indicated last week that he intended to support Yusuf Salaam. Salaam faces LaTosha Brown in the June 25 runoff.

King also announced his plans to run for mayor of Selma in 2004 last week. It was that decision, he added, that ultimately influenced his decision not to endorse a candidate for the runoff.

“My supporters, black and white, have talked about my supporting one candidate or the other in the runoff and together we have decided it’s totally best if I stay out of it altogether,” King said.

“Otherwise it will just enable my political opponents to say ‘he went to bed with Salaam’ or ‘he went to bed with that person.’ And we want to move on. We want to start looking ahead.”

King said he wished both candidates well and urged all citizens who are eligible to vote in the upcoming runoff election.

Meanwhile, King promised a serious campaign for the mayor’s seat.

“I had 500 people encourage me to run in the last election, but I stayed out. Now I’m in. It’s official,” he said.