Neighbors complain of cursing, shouting

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 7, 2002

Night after night, the screaming, the shouting, the cursing. Young children, hanging out in the middle of street at all hours of the day without any adult supervision.

Some residents who live on or near Pettus Street say they are frustrated with one of the residents in the area who they say is housing at least 13 children.

Some of the residents in the area have claimed that the house is an illegal daycare, but the owner of the house, Addie Fuller, said all the children that she resides with are related to her.

Selma City Councilwoman Jean Martin, who represents Ward 2, said she has been in the area and has heard several complaints about the house.

“It’s absolutely awful,” Martin said. “From the outside, the house looks in terrible condition, and it has not been properly kept or maintained. And the shouting and the profanity those young children use is just awful.”

Martin added that the house is an eyesore, especially for a house in the Old District. “We did ask the Department of Human Resources to investigate the house,” Martin said.

Some members of the Selma-Dallas County Department of Resources, when contacted by the Times-Journal about the house, said they could not recall the investigation, while other members did not return phone calls to the Times-Journal.

On Thursday, a police dispatcher said that an assault had occurred in the Pettus Street area. The Times-Journal could not reach other police sources to confirm the nature of the incident.

Fuller, when contacted by The Times-Journal, said that she had apparently “whupped a young kid” for using profanity against her. She said the child did not belong to her.

“It was one of the neighbor’s children,” Fuller said, “and I had the mother’s permission to give the child a whupping.” Fuller said the mother of the boy is the one who contacted police.

Fuller said that she lives with seven children, who are related to her. “I have three kids and four grandkids,” she said. She said the other children who regularly appear at her house are children who live in different parts of the neighborhood. “They just come to visit,” Fuller said.

Carl Morgan Jr., a resident who lives near Fuller’s residence, said he can hear the children “as well as the mother,” cursing and shouting almost every night.

“It’s just embarrassing,” Morgan said. “There is so much going on in there [the house]. These children have the worst kinds of habits. I just really hope something can be done about it.”