Welcome to The Selma Times-Journal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Dear Reader – Welcome to the new digital edition of The Selma Times-Journal. We’re very glad you are on board with us today, and we hope you will come back many times in the future.

Innovation has long been a key ingredient in our success. We think it’s fitting that we’re now making the newspaper available on the World Wide Web.

The digital edition is not designed to replace our print edition now or in the future. We believe one will complement the other, but each will be different from the other. We believe that having both will allow us to reach all kinds of readers in all kinds of situations and locations — from the county to a worldwide audience.

Key features of the web edition are:

Our strategy is to give you a very real opportunity to help edit the digital edition by directly shaping its content. In order for that to work, we need your help! Digital communications has the potential to be the most democratic form of communication ever.

Think of it; readers, not editors, play a vital role in determining content. In order to make that happen, we need your ideas, suggestions, questions and criticism.

Embedded throughout our site are lots of opportunities to talk back to us. Please do. We listen, and we take very seriously what you have to say. Let us know what you think.


Jesse Lindsey

President and Publisher