Shop locally to make a difference in Selma

Being in Selma just a month and a resident for all of a week, I’m still learning my way around town. Every day it seems, ... Read more

Be sure to have fun, safe Halloween

The excitement of Halloween is nearly undeniable. The frightful fall holiday gives children a chance to dress as countless people or things and explore their ... Read more

Local football season will all but end Friday night

With only one playoff team in the county, high school football season will all but wind down this weekend in the Dallas County and Selma ... Read more

Hubbert was a giant for the state of Alabama

A Giant lived among us. He has now transitioned to a fully spiritual state. Even in this spiritual state, he is still a Giant. I ... Read more

The Lord will always welcome you back

One of my grandsons pulled out a folded map from a seat pocket in my car. Read more

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Free smartphones — sorta

The New York Times reports American Eagle Outfitters is offering free smart phones to anyone who tries on a pair of jeans between July 21 ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor discusses Parents’ Bill of Rights for Public Schools

Dear editor, The first 10 amendments in the U.S. Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, set forth the priceless rights or freedoms that all Americans ... Read more