Letters to the Editor

Reader reacts to situation in Ferguson, Missouri

Streets are flooding with people, buildings are burning with fire and the air is thick with hostility. Tension is mounting, and civility is subsiding as ... Read more

Reader writes about school bus transportation fees

Transportation costs consume a large portion of a school district’s annual budget. Many school districts are facing budgetary shortfalls. Therefore, some have begun to charge ... Read more

Smith’s contributions show patriotism and vast knowledge

Dear editor, I have enjoyed the Selma Times-Journal since 1952 when I moved to Selma to open a drug store. I appreciate the Times-Journal covering local ... Read more

Letter to the editor discusses Parents’ Bill of Rights for Public Schools

Dear editor, The first 10 amendments in the U.S. Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, set forth the priceless rights or freedoms that all Americans ... Read more

Nation celebrating American Education week

The nation will celebrate American Education Week on Nov. 16-22, 2014. Public education has played a pivotal role in allowing Americans to enjoy one ... Read more