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Veterans no longer alive, but small mementoes provide look into past

Time is, perhaps, our worst enemy when it comes to recounting historic events. Monday marked the 100th anniversary of World War I, an event that ... Read more

It’s time for Uniontown to do the right thing

On Monday, Aug. 4, the Uniontown city council will hear formal presentations from two engineering firms regarding how the city can finally fix the wastewater ... Read more

Selmont citizens council is encouraging for future

Since the beginning of American civilization, free speech has been a basic human right. It was etched into our nation’s history officially in the first ... Read more

There’s work to be done

It has gotten to the point where we need to begin paying attention to our area’s unemployment figures or ignore them all together. Read more

Accelerator making strides for economy

Big business announcements aren’t easy to secure, but, when announced can be huge for an economy. Small businesses, or start-ups, are slightly less enticing, because ... Read more