Hank Sanders

We must be cautious of this Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse! Trojan Horse!! Trojan Horse!!! The Alabama charter schools proposal is a Trojan Horse. Beware! Beware!! Beware!!! Let me tell you why. Read more  | 4 comments

Greeting becomes a challenge

This greeting was shaping up as a real challenge. There was a time challenge, a subject challenge and a content challenge. I was scheduled to ... Read more  | 2 comments

Kwanzaa repairs broken communities

“Why Kwanzaa?” That is a question some ask repeatedly. “Because it’s necessary,” is my response. I realize further explanation is required for real ... Read more  | 1 comment

What age is your walk?

“It’s not your birthday. It’s not your children’s birthday. It’s not your relatives’ or friends’ birthdays. Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.” That’s how the sermon began. The ... Read more