It’s time for some fun SEC football predictions

Published 4:17pm Monday, August 18, 2014

The best thing about making predictions is that anyone can do it. We all love to be the guy who picked the massive, “Appalachian State over Michigan type upset.”

My love of making predictions is just as bad, if not worse, than most. The start of SEC football season is almost here, so I feel like sticking my neck out and making a couple of fun predictions for the season. I know we’ll all be laughing about them all in December, but the small chance I get one right outweighs the humiliation of being wrong, so here we go:

1. Alabama and Auburn will each score over 40 points in opening wins over West Virginia and Arkansas. The Razorbacks ranked 78th in the nation last season, giving up 178 rushing yards per game and the Mountaineers were even worse. West Virginia allowed 191 yards per game last season.

2. Mississippi State will be the surprise of the SEC. While the other Mississippi school starts the season ranked in the top 25 of the Coaches Poll, it’s the Bulldogs who will quietly surprise. Senior quarterback Dak Prescott is the perfect guy for Dan Mullen’s offense. Mullen is still due for a big win, as he has still not beaten Alabama or LSU (or Auburn outside of the Tigers 0-8 SEC season). The Bulldogs play LSU and Alabama on the road this year, hurting their chances, but I like Mississippi St. to win nine games.

3. Florida could be the Missouri of 2014. Last season, the Tigers came out of nowhere to make the SEC Championship game. Georgia and South Carolina are the favorites in the division, but both teams lost their biggest difference maker from last season (Jadeveon Clowney and Aaron Murray). The Gators return quarterback Jeff Driskel in Florida’s new up-tempo offense and running back Kelvin Taylor found his groove towards the end of the season.  Notice that I wrote “could” and not “will” in the prediction. Here’s why: Florida plays the nation’s toughest schedule. No other team has to play the national championship favorites, Florida State and Alabama on the road. The Gators face five top-13 preseason teams.

4) Georgia will win the SEC East. The Bulldogs play South Carolina on the road, but that’s their only true road challenge of the year. Sure, a trip to Columbia, Missouri won’t be easy, but it’s a lot easier than playing in Baton Rouge or The Swamp. The Bulldogs win the East because of running back Todd Gurley and a schedule that when compared to others is softer than a pillow.

5) Alabama wins the SEC title. Yawn. Alabama is not only the nation’s most talented team across the board, but the Crimson Tide’s schedule is also not terrifying. Alabama faces a LSU team with quarterback questions on the road but gets Auburn and Florida at home. Alabama will win the SEC title.

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