Compeition presents right image for girls

Published 10:35pm Friday, August 8, 2014

Impressionable young females are pressured to reach unrealistic standards set by superficial magazines, aired on mindless television shows, displayed through false Hollywood images and advertised through other unreliable sources.

Exposure to that nonsense leaves young women feeling like their worth is determined by their looks.

The exposure leaves women feeling less significant than men. It can also make us feel like they we are not meant to hold power.

Often times, it takes experience, maturity or some wisdom from a guardian for women to understand that those are lies and we are much more than we are often portrayed.

Thanks to the Distinguished Young Women of Dallas County, the girls residing in this area will be recognized for their true worth.

The group is conducting its annual Distinguished Young Women program Aug. 16 at J.A. Pickard Auditorium.

Eighteen high school senior girls will earn the chance to receive a scholarship and participate in the program.

Their talent, scholastic achievements, fitness capabilities, self-expression and interview skills will be judged.

Overall winners and category winners earn scholarships as a part of the local contest.

According to the program’s website, winners from the local competition will advance to the state competition titled Distinguished Young Women of Alabama.

At the state competition, they will compete for a share of at least $150,000 in cash scholarships.

The state winner will compete in the 58th Annual Distinguished Young Women National Finals held June 25 to 27.

While everyone will not walk away from next Saturday’s ceremony with the Girl of the Year title and award, they can leave knowing they helped shape this nation into a better country.

In the end, there are no losers.

I commend those involved with this program, because it has given our youth something positive to aspire to.

I hope I see more of our girls looking to programs like Distinguished Young Women of Dallas County for guidance to womanhood.

I have covered plenty of education stories to know that we have countless talented girls in this area who are fit to join this contest.

They may not all be eligible to compete now, but they should all attempt do so when they get they chance.

I hope the community sees just how valuable this program is and fully supports it.

Whether it is through donations, attendance, or a ‘thank you,” we need to let the staff with Distinguished Young Women of Dallas County know just how important they are to the future of our young women.

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