Edmundite to offer ‘Slice of Hope’ Tuesday

Published 1:38pm Sunday, July 20, 2014

By Scottie Brown 

The Selma Times-Journal


Back to school time is often a stressful one for families, but Edmundite Missions is hoping to lift some of the burden with its ‘Slice of Hope’ event Tuesday.

The event, which will start at 10:30 a.m. and lasts until noon, will provide free pizza and school supplies to local youth as they prepare to head back to school.

“Maybe it’ll help out, anything will help out,” said Brad Perry, the director of nutrition services for Edmundite Missions, said. “Especially for the ones who don’t have work at all and the working poor. They’re making $7.50 an hour and they have a job where they work 25 hours a week and they’re really struggling.”

Domino’s Pizza on Highland Avenue will be donating 15 pizzas to the event. James Steele, the general manager, said he couldn’t resist when Perry asked for his help.

“Situations like that, where the kids are involved — most of the time you’re going to get me,” Steele said. “I understand the importance of being positive and being a role model and guiding them in the right direction. If you don’t show them they won’t know.”

Perry said the Edmundite Missions is expecting a large crowd Tuesday.

He said all children are invited to attend.

“We’ve had several people go, ‘I’ve got five kids, can I bring them all,’” Perry said. “Yeah, bring them all. We need the parents here with the kids, otherwise the kids are coming in just to get the stuff and leaving.”

Perry says Bosco Nutrition Center will not be open for lunch during the event, but it will reopen at 4:30 p.m. that afternoon.

“We won’t be open for lunch that day, but we will be open for dinner,” Perry said. “We’re going to have a big dinner that night.”

Both Edmundite Missions and Steele want the children to have a great time.

“Kids are going back to school, why not give them some pizza and make it fun?” Steele said.

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