Citizens should be more active in the community

Published 3:37pm Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Rotary Club of Selma recently selected its new president, but this is just one example of a local organization continuing to function and be an active part of the community.

While Rotary first started as a polio prevention group, the club does much more in the Selma-Dallas County area, and there are many more groups to join for those not interested in Rotary.

For local business owners, the Chamber of Commerce is a way to get plugged in and network with other business owners.

For those looking to get involved in other fields, there are plenty of opportunities for volunteer work. Just look around. Libraries, schools, leadership programs, the YMCA, all need the help of volunteers to increase the impact on the community.

It is easy to point out the negatives and talk about the problems in the community, but the most fulfilling way to address these problems is to get involved with the solution.

Whether it’s joining local organizations that work in your particular field of interest or just volunteering at your favorite museum, or perhaps even starting something Selma hasn’t seen before, it will be rewarding.

The more activism and interest we can foster in the community, the better. The work of one person can make things seem better, but the work of many, all working together, can truly solve problems.

Find a cause. Plug in. Whatever gets you riled up the most, whatever issue tugs at your heart the most, find a way to be the solution.

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