Bergdahl swap yet another controversy

Published 4:51pm Saturday, June 7, 2014

Just when you think things cannot possibly get any worse, suddenly they do.

I ask you, will this nightmare of an administration ever be over?  Have we ever had a president and Department of Justice so willing to flaunt the law of the land? It is difficult to focus in on one scandal before another is committed. Perhaps this is all by choice to keep the hounds at bay. Lord, help us.

We are now in the business of negotiating with terrorists and trading five high level devout enemies of the United States for one mixed up deserter. Five for one, seems a price too high to pay for someone who deserted his fellow comrades in arms, crawled under the fence, and left his duty station.

His desertion resulted in the death of fellow soldiers out looking for him. Soldiers do not leave their post or unit until relieved of duty, period. If no one comes to relieve you, you remain in place, for to leave without permission is to place your fellow soldiers in harms way.

He can thank his lucky stars he didn’t pull this stunt during any previous war with the exception of this one and under this administration.

Is there anyone out there who thinks he will be punished for his cowardly deeds? In no way is this man — I’ll not call him a soldier, soldiers are patriotic, courageous, and committed to duty and honor — a hero.

This man deserves a court marshal, stripped of his rank if convicted, and dishonorably discharged after time in Leavenworth.

This distraction is all too convenient with the veteran health care scandal exploding with new allegations every day. There just had to be something to take the heat off that topic. Well, it certainly succeeded, but I do not believe the results will be what they wanted or intended.

They have flaunted with breaking the established laws of the land from day one and continue to do so. If the past is any indication, they will continue unless Congress stands up for the rule of law and puts a stop to it.

We can not allow our war weary veterans to die waiting on appointments at VA facilities, while being overly concerned with a deserters alleged deteriorating health. But, I suppose that fits the ultra liberals definition of compassion and caring; how callous of us conservatives.

One thing they got correct, we do not leave our soldiers on the battlefield.

But, there is a limit to what we should do for traitors and deserters, and swapping devout killers of Americans for them is not one of them. After all, wasn’t it Jimmy Carter on his first day in office — Jan. 21, 1977 — who pardoned the Vietnam draft dodgers living in Canada and elsewhere?

That decision did not go over well with those who laid it all on the line in Vietnam nor with other honorably served war time veterans. The one thing most soldiers abhor most is a deserter.

As disturbing as Bergdahl’s conduct is, it hardly equals that of our government.

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