Uniontown couple shows the power of true love

Published 6:44pm Friday, June 6, 2014

Nowadays, the word “love” seems to be uttered way more often than it’s felt.

When I think about how often couples have claimed to love another and breakup for some of the pettiest things, it makes me appreciate solid relationships like the one between Uniontown residents Sherlanie Pitts-Anderson and Donald Anderson.

The combination of the strength of the bond they built over the course of about 15 years and her faith in Christ helped Pitts-Anderson make the decision to donate her kidney to her husband, who had reached the last stage of kidney failure.

“In sickness and in health….”are often quoted in wedding vows, but for someone to stand by their spouse to the level that Pitts-Anderson did is truly amazing.

And one of the greatest things about it is the idea came second nature to her, because she felt it was her duty as his wife of about a year and six months and mother of his five children.

If nothing else, the words she used to describe her reason behind the huge decision shows just how much she cares about her husband.

“I gave my heart to my husband a long time ago, and giving him a kidney, an extension in life, was just another part of who God made me to be,” she said.

Even when Pitts-Anderson was faced with challenges that could have easily prevent her from donating a kidney to her husband, such as learning she had kidney stones and was five pounds heavier than the required weigh, it didn’t stop her from saving her husband.

She adopted a healthier lifestyle that helped her lose five pounds in about two weeks. She also took tests to determine if her kidney stones were genetic.

Despite the hardships, she still preserved without stopping to doubt if she could.

I did not know anything about Pitts-Anderson, but the details of her story have showed me that she is courageous, loving woman who takes her wedding vows very seriously. And obviously Anderson has showed the kind of love and support that is well deserving of passionate love from such a great woman.

I just hope everyone, especially those with that special someone, can see the beauty in the Andersons’ story and learn how to apply the same unconditional love to their own situations.

If anything, their situation should show us all that life is too short to let the minor disagreements cloud your vision of the bigger picture of appreciating those that mean the most to you.

Even if you are not involved in romantic relationship, the concept can still very much be applied to a platonic relationship. I am sure that we can recall moments when we have been less than pleasant with our family members.

The Andersons have showed us that it’s time that we put the bickering aside and love one another.

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