Respect is a necessary ingredient for growth

Published 7:18pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Respect is reciprocal, meaning that those who give respect receive respect. There is time for war, time for healing and time for peace, which comes from people loving and respecting each other.

When you learn to respect others, regardless of status and differences, it benefits all concerned. Respect is necessary for growth. It enhances self esteem, unity, and overall improvement. One thing that I have learned in my respective roles is that you can love and respect people and still hold them accountable for deviations in responsibilities or show them how to be better.

When you unnecessarily and constantly get personal with some people, you can unknowing pull a natural or spiritual tendency that can ignite a negative reaction. The bible teaches that if you resist the devil that it will flee; it’s biblical so don’t make assumptions and take people for granted. When actions are perceived as devil induced; it’s hard to predict how the resistance will come.

Boards, committees, and other growth oriented units, should attack issues that hurt or steal from the people. Desist from personal attacks; work against issues, any where, that are purposed to deny children proper learning. In the book of Mathew, the devil got so personal with Jesus that he even wanted Jesus to worship him. Each time the devil tries to belittle Jesus, our Lord countered authoritatively and eventually the devil left and the angels ministered to Jesus.

Accord, which comes from unconditional respect, entails the joining of parts into a whole. United teams usually have a competitive edge over their rivals. Though people in the team may come from different backgrounds, still a true team is not formed until winning becomes everybody’s goal. On the other hand, when self centeredness and self interest take center stage to the point that unity is spurned, the outcome is nothing but utter backwardness.

Disrespect in a team situation could emanate from  pride,envy,loss of influence, hate or just insensitivity to teammates’ differences.

It is relevant to state that people can be different by way of religion,culture,skill,income,values,edutional level, job title,age,color,gender,style,political affliations,and etc. and still operate in love. The truth is that some Selmians are beginning to mold the wisdom in all these differences into a whole unit. Now, its personal observation.

One may not like a person in a team, but for the interest of the team’s success that person must become respectful; respecting others that are different from you assures productivity in group or organizational levels because all see themselves as part of the entity and as such help the entity. From an organizational standpoint, respect can increase your support as a leader or politician. I honestly believe that people will draw near to you and support you if they find out that you are a caring person who wants their lives to better.

As a school board member I’ve been able  to work with five superintendents and I have always respected them and will continue to respect an entity whose ultimate vision or plan is focused on good education for all and what ever else benefits the community.

The enemy knows the importance of education, that’s why he fights it world wide.

Regardless, it is essential that we continue to position ourselves as peacemakers because peacemakers are people with unlimited boundaries.

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