There are always reasons to be grateful

Published 6:52pm Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let’s continue to appreciate Almighty and entities that have been strategically situated to improve or help us.

You are not weak when you show appreciation; rather you are the wise one. The verity is that an explicit appreciation enhances an improved flow. By this I mean that if you appreciate slices of bread, the next time around, you may get delicious Zeigler’s Wiener, lunchmeat or Bologna in addition.

Similarly, if we thank the intervention team for helping to make sure that Selma City School Students take the appropriate prerequisite courses, for looking into E2020 and other Credit Recovery reliable tools, for helping our counselors with INOW Scheduling module, for being transparent, for helping us with students’ safety and welfare, for helping us with managing human resources, for helping us with finance, and helping us with institutional control and governance, there is the likelihood that they will do more as their resources allow.

I’ve learned much about gratefulness from being a product of two continents and Christianity.

Beneficially, Christians don’t offer animal sacrifices as result of Jesus’ sacrifice; rather we constantly give rewarding sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving.

I grew up in an area that places lots of emphasis on appreciation. As a child growing up, I still recollect how children must say this after each meal,” thank U God, thank U papa, Thank U ma.” You must be flogged or terribly scolded if you ever walk off from dinner tables and forget to thank.

When I first arrived in the United States, I was flabbergasted at the festive mood that encompassed my few weeks in a college dorm in California, I heard so much of ‘I appreciate that’ that I thought they were saying ‘Apreshieta” until I knew better. My point is that the value of appreciation is embedded in these three factors and more and only those who realize the importance are gaining from it. A person like David in the bible knew the importance of praise or appreciation and gained immensely from them. He knew where his realistic help came from and showed appreciation and the resultant effects were supernatural guidance, protection, and utter love. If God reacts positively to praises and appreciation, I know humans react well, also, to appreciation.

As far as I’m concerned, a choice of appreciating blessing over little disappointment is good; a choice to appreciate love over hate is good; a choice to appreciate improvement is good; a choice to speak more when you should speak less is a poor choice; and a choice to be quiet when you should pray, praise God, dance, clap and out talk the wrong forces is certainly a bad choice. Appreciating your spouses, parents, children, good relatives, good friends, good church of November, a day set aside to celebrate Thanksgiving. Also, in my first or other member, good leaders, students, good teachers, good employee, good employer, are good choices.

It is not unlikely that you may be called a weak person at times for being humble and not taking all the credit for the good things happening around you. Regardless, what is of extreme importance is the realization that when your choice is immersed in an attitude of gratitude it makes it hard for unnecessary denigration, vilification, or war to exist.

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