I cannot wait for more Dart assignments

Published 6:34pm Friday, April 11, 2014

I truly enjoyed by first Dart assignment, and I am highly anticipating the ones that will follow.

Each Thursday, The Selma Times-Journal reporters will go to random locations to find a story for our Dart article, which may often feature a random Dallas County resident. I was fortunate enough to write the article this week, and I loved every minute of it.

After circling around various neighbors in Selma and making a few stops, I ran across Selma resident Olivia Ervin sweeping her porch on Martin Luther King Street. Ervin told me to her 94-year-old grandmother, Adell Coleman would be a wonderful candidate for my article, and she was right.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Coleman and learning about her life in the church.

Having the chance to speak to random residents about their life, personality and values was one of the most enjoyable things I have had since I started working here in September 2013.

The Dart assignment is much different than any other, because of the element of surprise. We aren’t aware of the story angle beforehand.

The chance to learn about people’s life experiences is the reason I first became interested in journalism. The best way to learn about an area is by speaking with the people that make up the community.

I enjoy taking the time to learn about the people I walk and drive by daily, because people will usually shock you. You may look at someone and not realize all that they have went through.

So often, we think we know people before we even make an attempt to speak with them. You would be amazed by what people, especially here in Selma, have been through and what they have accomplished. /

Coleman, who formally served as Sunday school teacher and choir member at Concord Church in Safford, still attends church there every Sunday.

I had the opportunity to hear speak about her love for God, smile and laugh as she recalled her favorite memories in the church and sing her favorite song The Angelic Gospel Singers’ “If You Can’t Help Me.”

One of my favorites statements from her was one regarding the feeling she gets when she praises Christ with her voice.

“If you really know the Lord and be with Him, honey, you really get filled up [with holy spirit],” Coleman said.” You can’t help from crying.”

Meeting Coleman and her family was a great experience. I appreciate Coleman’s willingness to let me in her home and open up to me about her long, fulfilling life of Christianity.

I just hope that there are many others out there in the Dallas County Community that will also be ready to tell their story, because I am eager to listen.

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