Transparency from intervention team is refreshing

Published 7:53pm Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When two or more go beyond their intrinsic limitations of self interest and self gain and unite to confront the challenges that face their organization, society or community, the outcome is usually consequential.

Dictatorship and self gain lock prosperity for the masses but democracy and true leadership unchain shackles of growth impediment.

I’m impressed that more parents and residents are happy with the intervention because of the results so far. The community and the board are constantly updated, which translates to transparency and good public relation.

The Webster’s New Basic Dictionary defines propaganda to mean, “The systematic widespread promotion of a particular doctrine or idea.” Apparently propaganda is, sometimes, a need and not bad as some people imply.

Conviction is built by hearing and reading, so I’ll never regret utilizing my column, and my style to stand for what I strongly believe to be the right things. District 4 (made up of Selma Wards 6 and 7) is happy with my stand and it’s reassuring.

People who know me very well can attest to the verity that I’m never interested in popularity contests, yet I was very grateful to the Almighty when two women who I don’t know hugged me at the post office as one of them joyfully uttered, “Thanks for standing for our children. We know it was not easy but it paid off.”

Look, whenever you realize that God utilizes your job and other pertinent assignments to do His work here on earth, that’s when you maximize your potential and value.

Success, by my definition, is doing the right thing in the right place, at the right time that makes God happy and consequently benefits you and other people.

If you honestly stand for right and generally do a good job where God placed you, your radiance will be exhibited prominently and people will see it; as they’ll thank and glorify the Almighty for what He does through you.

When people thank and glorify Almighty for your actions, better things begin to happen. Assignments, sometimes, come with controversy; encourage yourself and rely on God because it’s during controversies that intentions and goals are put to test.

During a recent meeting with Dr. Larry DiChiara and the rest of the intervention team for parents and the community, I specifically shook many hands and thanked them for coming, even though I was there as a parent not as a board member.

I thanked former and present city officials like former Selma City Mayor James Perkins Jr., former fire chief Henry Allen, former councilman Johnny Leashore, Pastor Effell William, Selma City School Board Chairman Henry Hicks Sr. and more.

It was important to come and ask questions whether you agree or disagree with their presence and actions.

In my opinion, Dr. DiChiara clearly answered all questions asked, with the exception of the Early College question, which he didn’t have much information on.

I greatly appreciate the state chose to be transparent. They have the right not to involve the board.

I’ll always make my position known as we progress, but so far I like the clearness and how the focus is on what benefits the students most.

Furthermore, I like how they relate to the parents and the entire community.

So get involved, if situations permit you for what you draw near to is near to you.

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