Spring sports are best for this photographer

Published 11:37am Saturday, March 29, 2014

Having been a photojournalist for the better part of five years now, there are a few times of the year where I get excited for the events coming up on my work schedule.

Sure, autumn has football and fall colors. And winter isn’t far behind with a few of my northern favorites; snow and ice.

But for me, spring will always hold the top spot.

With track and field, softball and baseball, spring is easily the best season to be a photographer.

The season also brings us pop-up thunderstorms and high school graduations, which can both be a goldmine for photos.

I’ve been tied to the office lately, and unable to get out and photograph as many baseball or softball games as I’d like, but that should all change soon.

On Tuesday, I will be out at Memorial Stadium to make photos during the Special Olympics events hosted by the Cahaba Center for Mental Health.

Having covered their Special Olympics basketball games a few weeks ago, I am sure Tuesday will be another enjoyable experience. I just wish I could capture the moments and emotions in the photos.

For a photographer, it’s those moments and emotions that make or break an assignment.

Sure, one could go to a game or practice and just get a general shot of a player at home plate and that would be OK, but when you are able to get the photo that tells the story, it makes all the difference on the page.

Having the photo of the baserunner diving head-first toward home plate draws the reader into a story, whether or not they enjoy baseball.

Catching the moment a young sprinter leaning forward in full stride as they race across the finish line is a photograph that athlete would save forever.

This career has given me the opportunity to capture so many of these moments, and I look forward to making more.

Since moving to Selma, I’ve been lucky enough to capture an image of a local coach embracing an assistant seconds after winning their school’s first basketball state championship.

In years past, I’ve made photos that captured the moments of joy, disappointment, disbelief and heartbreak that make sports what they are.

There are certainly more important things in life than sports and sports photography, but they both provide us with an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It has been a great experience working with the other reporters at the Times-Journal and seeing the photos they have made during the games we have covered since I moved here last fall.

Whether it’s baseball or softball, track or soccer, I’m excited to get out there and see what what moments I can capture during the ongoing sports seasons.

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