Michigan man spoiled by Alabama sports

Published 8:17pm Thursday, March 6, 2014

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been a bit spoiled since moving to Selma late last summer.

No, I haven’t been spolied by the weather. I think we can all agree your summers are hot and your winters are… confusing.

No, I haven’t been spoiled by the food. The barbeque spots in and around Selma are terrific, and sweet potato fries are officially a part of my food pyramid, but I’m not talking about the food.

Heck, it’s not even the people here. In my six months in Selma I’ve met more interesting people here with stories to tell than I had over my first 26 years on earth. But it’s not the people… entirely.

I can honestly say I’ve been spoiled by sports here in Alabama.

As my father’s only son, I grew up around sports. Dad and I have taken in Reds baseball games and Bengals football games Cincinnati. I’ve seen Michigan football games in the Big House and I’ve even seen the NCAA’s Frozen Four hockey championship.

But I’ve never seen anything like the action I’ve been lucky enough to cover here in Alabama.

On Saturday, I was under the basket when Dallas County’s William Lee hit an incredible 3-point basket to send the 4A Championship game against J.O. Johnson. And I was lucky enough to be on the floor moments later when the final buzzer sounded sending a wave of Hornet players and coaches whirling across the hardwood.

Late last year I was standing some 30 feet from Nick Saban ready to get the photograph of him — arms in the air, running on the field in celebration — when the final field goal sailed through the uprights.

The rest is history.

Somewhere there is footage of me at the end of the Iron Bowl waiting for Chris Davis to cross the goal line before taking the field, myself, and trying to chase him down to get a photo of him being interviewed.

To the Alabama fans out there; I am sorry for dredging up that moment. Being a Michigan football fan, I remember the Rich Rod years. The good news for you is Nick is still in charge in Tuscaloosa.

For the Auburn fans; Weagle, Weagle! Please don’t tell my girlfriend I said this. She is the type of lady that will not wear orange because of her allegiance to all things crimson. This little comment might provide me with a full-time residence in the doghouse.

There is also, undoubtedly, footage of me with that same stunned looked on my face waiting for the clock to reach 00:00 before finding Dallas County head coach Willie Moore — eyes wide open, screaming to himself in disbelief.

And for everyone who has cheered on Dallas County — whether you’ve cheered for the Hornets your whole life or just for the last week —Congratulations on the incredible win and amazing season.

Whenever I head up north to visit family and friends in the near future, rest assured I’ll be telling them about the great athletics here in Alabama.

Roll Tide, War Eagle, and Go Hornets!

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