It pays to be an effective board

Published 4:50pm Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This month is School Board Member Recognition month and I thank Almighty God for giving me the honorable opportunity to serve Him in this manner. Thanks to those who continue to pray for me.

Above all, I’m grateful to the blood of Jesus that continues to protect me from unmerited condemnation when I try to help children, the overlooked, the parents, and community. My experience on this school board is that if you’re doing the right but unpopular thing, the enemy will use even some people that you respect, to condemn and work against you. The intention is to destabilize and weaken my assigned role on the board so that the enemy will stand against growth and God’s assignment. The current students are the future, and the future of any community becomes bleak when the children are not shown the right way to go. Condemnation, not accountability, is the devil’s tactic of damage. The devil speaks words of condemnation, but through the blood of Jesus, I have the authority and the power to condemn any word of judgment that comes against me in my effort to help make life better for all.

My personality and values demand that I contribute my share in making sure that whatever I’m part of is good.

I know that I have offended some people for trying to ensure that we are admirable as a board but the verity is that I see my role on the school board, my column, and my books as ministry. For me, improvement should be priority and not gains. Do not get me wrong; I have been blessed from the above but after being obedient to God’s instructions. Because they are ministry, God is definitely involved; so being angry with me for my roles on the board, books or articles that I write is a waste of energy. Anger should be directed to a force or forces that ensure that children are mistreated.

Look, I have plans; I have love, peace, unity, and prosperity fully loaded in my plans. Jesus exemplified the fact that to proclaim that you love, there must be some sacrifices. To be done wrong and you still stand for the children is an act of sacrifice. Furthermore, it’s incongruous that people yearn for peace in the absence of love; no wonder peace is absent too. For some people, their interpretation of love is what they can get from you; if not you’re bad. When God shows love and put us in a position of influence, the best way to return love is to resist wrong and be a blessing and asset to your organization and the entire community.

I strongly believe that God wants our school system to be better but remember, it is harder to achieve if unjustifiable condemnation, control and vengeance on righteousness are tolerated; if vision and ethical governance methodologies are utterly disregarded. According to Alabama Association of School Boards, “An Effective School Board must 1. Operate as a visionary, ethical governance team 2. Focus on student achievement. 3. Create local policy in compliance with state and federal laws. 4. Act with fiscal responsibility. 5. Select and support an effective superintendent. 6. Advocate for public education through communication with stakeholders.

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