Together we can help our children

Published 5:07pm Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It is practically impossible for me to claim I represent or serve God in my role as a Selma City School Board member and pay minimal attention to true love. Some loving people overlooked the fact I was not born in Selma and voted for me to serve on the board. The only way I know to return that love is by standing up for proper education and resist all issues that are repugnant to natural and heavenly justices.

Worthy of emphasis is the fact that being a board member will never translate to being the wisest or the smartest in the community. I find it difficult to understand why some of my colleagues refuse to collaborate with the members of the community, including the constituents that they represent. We desperately need the trust of our community to be effective. You do not necessarily have to like people in order to work with them if your position demands accordingly.

The State Board of Education and the Alabama Association of School Boards advocate that the board collaborate effectively with the community. As a matter of certainty, A guide to Effective School Board Service published by the National School Boards Association, answers this way, “It is the responsibility of the school board to build collaborative relationships with political and business leaders to develop a consensus for student success; communicate regularly with federal and state officials about student achievement; and model behavior that emphasizes trust, team work, and shared accountability.” As far as I’m concerned, the preceding quote elegantly unveils the solution to most of our present predicaments. When we exclude or look down on some people that we need, they feel disrespected and instead of gaining their support and expertise we lose it. Remember, when you sow seeds of disrespect and pride, you harvest likewise.

I specifically told some of my associates the day Selma City School Board president Henry Hicks made the motion to vote on investigation into allegation that children in our school system are being molested, that the wise thing to do at that point would be to vote yes. From there, we should strictly monitor the investigation to ensure that nobody is maliciously targeted and they said no.

You see, you have to cleverly pick your fights. Allegations about sexual misconduct against children, and the likes are extremely sensitive issues and should be handled accordingly so the parents, the state school superintendent and AASB will continue to trust us.

Know also, no local newspaper in the world will ever go against children in such issues. We cannot hate The Selma Times-Journal for being on the side of the children for that’s the responsibility they owe.

The essence of sending a child to school is to learn things that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives and not things that will negatively impact them for life.

The school board must focus less on useless control, vengeance, or reelection because if you honestly help those that Christ said, “for such is the kingdom of heaven” then you’ll be meaningfully rewarded.

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