Catching up with Santa years later

Published 10:47pm Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey there, Santa.

I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, and I’m really sorry about that.

I guess I was just bitter after I didn’t get that sweet off-road bike 15 or so years ago. You remember? That was the year you got my sister that Furby that wouldn’t stop talking.

Yes, the same Furby that I might have punted off of the ceiling in order to make it silent.

I hope you’ve been well since we last spoke.

A lot has happened for me since then. I averaged two points each of my three years of grade school basketball, had one line in a high school musical, got into photojournalism, got thrown out of a donut shop while on assignment, moved to the Deep South and put more stickers on the Jeep.

A lot of stickers.

I know these “Dear Santa” letters are supposed to include a list of things we want, but honestly there aren’t many physical things I’m looking for this year.

My sisters are getting me gas cards to help with a trip I’m making to Ohio in January and my parents have gotten me a AAA membership, in case those stickers can’t hold the Jeep together for the entire drive.

My girlfriend is getting me an Alabama sweater and her family has insisted on buying me some gifts as well, and I have a feeling there might be some Crimson and White splashed across a few of these items.

I know you hear this a lot from those of us who don’t need the toys and dolls and crayons, but there aren’t too many physical things I am wanting this year.

There are some bigger things I am hoping for though.

I hope all of the children whose names where once hanging on the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree here in Selma got what they were hoping for.

There were so many children — 592, to be exact — who had their names on the tree when the program began a month ago.

That means there were 592 families who wanted nothing more this Christmas than to see their child’s smile, and hear their tiny laughs on Christmas morning.

The people of Selma really stepped up this year, buying gifts for all but 40 children whose names were on the tree.

I know the remaining children will be given gift cards and toys and money that were given to the Salvation Army by other members of the community, and I hope these gifts help them feel the joy that the season is all about.

There are so many people in Selma and around the country you deserve a smile, Santa. And I hope they get that chance on Christmas day.

And I hope the smile that begins on Christmas morning can last this time.

I hope people can see the good in the world around them.

I hope this year sadness and injustice, hatred and arguing can all take a back seat to goodwill and charity, patience and love.

That might be a bit sappy, Santa, and I’m sorry about that.

There is so much good to be seen and shared here in Selma, Santa, and I hope others see that this year.

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