We must not abstain from doing well

Published 8:47pm Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas to friends and family. Let the peace, of our awesome God, that surpasses human understanding be ours this season. Let down your arms, cease fire if you are in a war, celebrate the birth of our savior in style and never get weary in being a good person.

Doing good is our daily responsibility and we cannot be afraid of standing up for what’s right or be dismayed in any form for our God promises to help and strengthen us. He will uphold and endorse every good plan with the right hand of His righteousness. Consequently, we must not abstain from well doing even with strong opposition, for that’s when potentials are maximized and our purposes are put to test.

When Jesus’ accusers brought him to Pilate, the governor said unto them, “What shall I do then with Jesus who is called Christ? They all say unto him, let him be crucified.” The governor said, “why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out more saying, let him be crucified.”

With these types of redundant responses with no facts, a leader of Pilate’s caliber new Christ was innocent and he justifiably abstained. In my opinion, if reasonable facts were presented, Pilate would not have abstained. Abstention is no solution. In a way, it means that one doesn’t want to be part of a process. It is like refraining from participation. You don’t want to be aligned or associated with either side.

This season is special for us. It is a perfect period to teach and learn about this Christmas that’s centered on giving or sharing from your little or big. Furthermore, it is also a time to reemphasize on the management principle that is based on operating within your strength or knowing your limit.

Statistics show the crime of theft escalates during this season; stemming from the fact some people feel obligated to buy expensive gifts they cannot afford.

Check out this Bible story; Peter and John went to pray in the temple and at the gate they saw a crippled man who begs for money. Peter said to the crippled, “silver and gold I do not have but what I have I give you, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk.” He lifted the crippled and the man received strength and walked.

There are more stories in the Bible that exemplifies the importance and the benefits of giving from your strength (what you have). A penny gift from a good source is better than a dollar from a bad source. Give your good gifts and don’t worry about the next giver; afterall the best giver (God) is still incomparable and the greatest gift (Jesus) will never be matched.

I do not understand why people look down on a Christmas card but I know it is effective. If what is written on the card is not enough for you to depict how you feel, write more. You are giving when you love people indiscriminately this season, like Jesus, by going about doing good and not hurting people. Shake hands, make people smile and laugh and hug.

Let not human insatiable wants dictate the energy in what we give as we continue to respect and bless each other.



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