We must lead through absolute love

Published 7:35pm Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Years on the school board have unbelievably unveiled to me that love based decisions are consequential and rightly beneficial to all stakeholders for a very long time. It concerns me that an assistant state superintendent was furious with a board that I’m part of for hearing a rumor against child molestation and did not do anything about it. This individual does not have a child or relative in our system but he realizes that it is gainful to make children your obvious priority in a school setting. What many do not realize is that when you lead with absolute love, you build a strong base of supporters and followers like Jesus did. Children, the poor, the middle income earners, and even the rich will follow you. I know a rich man who said his life changed drastically for the better when he fell in love with The Bible. In The Bible, he said, he found Jesus and his life and business changed dramatically.

When your style is only monetary based, you build bases of supporters who are likely to diverge from you when power and money are gone. Also significant is the fact that people will trust you if they know you are genuine. We need to manage our money well to give students a good education. In the absence of students, there is no money.

Politics aside, we have to do what’s necessary to restore the confidence bestowed upon us by the parents and entire community so that we can attract more students and consequently have more money. Besides, we want investors to be assured that we have a system where the board, under no circumstances, will tolerate wrong against children.

People are drawn to those that solve their problems and not those that ridicule them. Honing your skill on leadership through love can also be realized by being a good listener to all concerned. You cannot pay attention to what this person is saying and disregard what the other is saying. Of what good is wealth or upper class if you have poverty of love?

True peace in a place does not necessarily come from the absence of disagreement, but by the agreement of the parties involved to disagree when necessary and yet walk in love as a team. That’s our way and we don’t plan to change. A team is questionable, though, when a person or persons on the team are constantly undermined and denied pertinent information necessary for them to effectively perform what they have been called to do. It is also significant to stress that people working together do not necessarily have to think alike or agree all the time in order to establish great minds. Our uttermost fulfillment should not be in disagreeing, though; but in unleashing a meaningful decision from disagreeing.

Operating in love means not being selfish, it means not being envious, it means being compassionate, and empathetic when needed. It means standing up for what is right before God and man regardless of intimidation, for love oriented leaders know God fights their battles. Love also entails carrying heavy loads that include the loads of children, the poor, the unpopular, the needy, the mistreated and the less privileged.

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