Saturday’s Reindeer Romp raised money to benefit entire Selma community

Published 7:34pm Tuesday, December 10, 2013

There were no actual reindeer at Saturday’s Reindeer Romp at Bloch Park but 70 runners and organizers created a little holiday magic of their own.

Runners braved cold conditions — whipping winds and brisk temperatures — to run a 5K and in the process help the Christian Outreach Alliance Food Pantry.

The food pantry helps feed the hungry every Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon. Selma Crossfit and Honda Lock gathered more than 600 pounds of food in a food drive prior to the run and in total the event gathered 800 pounds of food for the pantry and over $1,300.

Sure, running a good time was the goal for many, but all of the runners could have chosen to be somewhere warm, preparing for afternoon football games instead of running through the cold and helping a good cause.

This is the kind of event we love to write about, because it shows the generosity of those in Selma. Although we wish more than 70 runners had participated because the food pantry needs all of the help it can get, we applaud those that did and frankly understand why others didn’t given the nature of the weather in Alabama in December.

Those that did participate should be proud that they came together and helped others this holiday season, while having a little fun as well.

Some of the runners even dressed up in Christmas outfits, spreading the spirit of the season as they ran.

During the holidays, it is always important to remember those that aren’t as fortunate. While some of us have plenty of food to get by, others can use a little help. The Reindeer Run is the type of event that speaks to everything right about our community.

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