Expect nasty winter weather Tuesday, Wednesday

Published 11:11pm Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold temperatures returned to Selma area over the weekend, and before they leave they could bring snow to some areas to the state late Tuesday into early Wednesday.

But, Selma is not likely among those to see any flakes floating around.

“The low temperatures as far south as Selma will stay above freezing Tuesday night,” National Weather Service meteorologist Jessica Chace said. “We’ll stay at about 34 degrees overnight, so as for as the weather goes in Selma, we are expecting light rain. There might be a little bit of sleet mixed in with it.”

Rhonda Abbott, director of the Dallas County Emergency Management Agency, said the systems, which will linger over the region through Wednesday are not expected to bring much if any snow to Selma, but it will bring a notable amount of rain.

“It’s more likely that you’ll need a rowboat and not a snow sled. It’s going to rain 2-3 inches in the next two days,” Abbott said Monday afternoon. “It’s not likely that it is going to snow but if it does, it won’t stick. If you are traveling north, it may be worthwhile to take a few extra minutes and check the weather.”

While the cooler temperatures will cover the majority of central and northern Alabama, Chace said computer models do not show snow accumulating — if showing up at all — in Selma before the systems move out of the area.

“As of now it just doesn’t look like there will be enough cold in the upper levels to support frozen precipitation at the surface,” Chace said. “Starting after midnight, the line between frozen and non-frozen precipitation line should will pretty much parallel the I-59 corridor, 30 to 40 miles below Tuscaloosa.”

Chace said Dallas County residents could expect rain to continue in the region through Wednesday, when the highs are predicted to remain in the 30s.

After the moisture leaves the region, Chace said slightly warmer temperatures are expected to follow.

“By Saturday we should see temperatures in the upper 50s,” Chace said.

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