United Way changes lives daily

Published 8:57am Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear editor,

Every year the United Way conducts our community campaign to raise funds for our partner agencies.

And many times our message is muddled because the needs are so big in our community that we sometimes lose sight of what each of these organizations do on a personal level.

This week a man was hungry and he was fed, free of cost and free from judgment.

This week a young man will earn a merit badge, this badge means more than just a piece of cloth, it means that he has accomplished something on his own. He will take the lesson of working towards a goal with him his whole life and hopefully will teach those lessons to his kids.

This week children with learning disabilities and other physical issues will go to school just like your kids, they will draw pictures and learn their lessons. But their lessons carry a hope of a more independent life, a normal life that many of us take for granted.

This week a child’s nightmare of sexual abuse may end, and their childhood may be restored just a little bit, because how can you really undo sexual and physical abuse.

This week a woman was made safe after getting beat up by her husband or boyfriend.

This week a child read another book, and a spark of imagination took off, and lifelong love of reading and adventure took flight.

This week a woman with no family, and very little income was able to get her medications free, she got the first mammogram she has ever had, and her hope of a healthy life was restored.

This week a family that lost everything they owned in a fire, received a card to allow them to go and buy new clothes and toiletries so that they may begin again.

This week a child scored his or her very first goal, the smile on their face lit up the entire gymnasium.

This week a person with Down’s syndrome painted a small statue of Santa Clause and smiled at her finished work because it was beautiful to her.

This week countless people from our community received help in a hundred different ways. Thanks to all the people who have made a gift to the United Way. Our mission is very broad but when you look at how it affects just one person, the mission takes on larger meaning to us all.

Jeff Cothran

Executive Director

United Way of Selma & Dallas County

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