Benjamin York, left to right, Shon Surles, Lauren Rutherford and Justin Chandler were awarded scholarships at Monday night’s Selma Quarterback Club meeting. -- Daniel Evans

Quarterback Club awards scholarships

Published 9:29pm Monday, November 18, 2013

Four scholarships were awarded at the Selma Quarterback Club meeting Monday night, with three of the students coming from Dallas County High School.

Morgan Academy’s Lauren Rutherford was the fourth recipient and she made history, becoming the first female to ever be awarded a scholarship by the quarterback club.

“I’m just really honored,” Rutherford said. “It is surprising.”

Rutherford, who played kicker for the Senators, plans to go to the University of Alabama-Birmingham and study kinesiology.

The Hornets had three players honored.

“It really means a lot. I’m honored to win this scholarship,” Dallas County’s Shon Surles said.

“It felt very great when they called me that I impressed some great people and they felt good enough to pick me to have this scholarship.”

The Hornets’ Benjamin York said every penny along the way helps.

“Anything that can help me reach my goal in life, I really appreciate,” York said.

The third Dallas County student was Justin Chandler.

“When I wrote my essay and did my interview, I gave it my all and I’m honored to have this,” Chandler said.

Dallas County principal Michael Blair was on hand and was very proud to see three of his school’s students be rewarded with scholarships.

“The athletic part of this was just part of the award,” Blair said. “They had to write an essay and they had to come do an interview. For three of the four to be chosen from Dallas County High School, I think that’s phenomenal.”

The scholarships were $4000 apiece.

The speaker was former Tennessee defensive back Inky Johnson, who injured a main artery in a football game in his junior season with the Volunteers. As a result, Johnson’s right arm is paralyzed, which ended his football career.

“What this injury had produced in my life, it has made me a stronger father, it has made me a stronger husband, it has made me a stronger husband,” Johnson said.

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