America is blessed with good teachers

Published 5:02pm Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The nation will celebrate American Education Week on Nov. 18-22. This year’s theme is “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Responsibility.” One of the ultimate goals of an American educator is to provide every student a quality education.

The classroom teacher plays a pivotal role in ensuring that students receive an “A” rated education. The American classroom teacher has unique characteristics. Studies revealed that the characteristics of good teachers are:

Good teachers love children. They realize that teaching is done with children rather than to them.

Good teachers are positive. They do not dwell on the negative and they exude optimism rather than pessimism.

Good teachers are flexible. Any single instructional method should be used sparingly with children; the younger the children, the greater the variety of techniques.

Good teachers have a sense of humor. They understand the value of humor in day-to-day routines and in setting the tone of a good classroom environment.

Good teachers are knowledgeable about their subjects. They know what they are teaching. Academic competence is a primary concern among critics of teacher preparation.

Good teachers understand child growth and development. They are aware of individual differences among the children in their classrooms and they understand that children differ from the time they are born and gradually become even more unique.

Good teachers place strong emphasis on learning by doing. They emphasis activity and child-centered methods of instruction. Doing comes first. They take the children to the action or bring the action to the children.

Good teachers are good managers. They establish a classroom framework within which the class operates efficiently.

Good teachers pursue professionalism. They engage in graduate studies and are active in professional organizations; they stay abreast.

Good teachers have good personalities. They are nice people to be around and they motivate children. They are interesting. They sell their products.

Teachers along with school administrators are instructional leaders in schools. Teachers’ collaboration in professional learning communities and their input in a school’s continuous improvement plan allow them to share their instructional leadership skills.

Teachers have been an integral component in the success of our democracy.

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