Craig, it is time to step up and say enough

Published 8:18am Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There are moments when we cannot make sense of why something happens. In those moments — usually after a horrible tragedy — we offer our prayers for understanding and comfort.

Then there are those moments that are far less tragic, but rather terribly disappointing and disheartening, where we pray for clarity and again, understanding.

Such is the events surrounding the vandalism of the Pine Glen Ministries space in Craig Field, an area that was there for no other reason than to be helpful to area children and help strengthen the Christian faith in that community.

But yet, someone or group of someones, felt it necessary to break in, trash the building, scatter materials about and deface walls.

Again, we pray for understanding.

Many times we have taken to this space and encouraged communities to rally around what is right, what is just, and help put an end to a criminal element that far too often does stupid and insulting things such as this.

Many times we have called on communities to contact authorities — through whatever means necessary — to single out those who would do such a thing as this, or God-forbid, worse.

It is once again time for that call to go out. It is time for the Craig community to stand up and say they will not stand for such trash and parasites to exist in the same community as those who want nothing more than a safe, secure community for children to play and families to prosper.

It is time these cowards, who would destroy something that was aimed at nothing but good, to be shown that enforcing the law is not just the responsibility of our law enforcement agencies, but the entire community.

If we continue to allow such people to operate within our communities then we are guilty by association. It is time for us to stand up, time for Craig to stand up, and say enough.

Thankfully no one was hurt in this act of vandalism and defacement, but the next crime that may occur might have an injury tacked on with it. How will we feel if that happens and we had a chance to do something about it?

Enough is enough.


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