Dallas Co. Land Transactions for period ending Sept. 12

Published 6:56pm Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edwin Braxter to New Country Former’s Family, Lot 26, Block C, Terrace Subdivision, $2,700

Laurie Hean Gray to Josephine Killham, Dallas County

Laurie Hean Gray to Laurie Hean Gray, Dallas County

Laurie Hean Gray to George Hean Jr, Dallas County

Laurie Hean Gray to Theresa Hean Farler, Dallas County

Laurie Hean Gray to Monte Hean Pomeroy, Dallas County

Laurie Hean Gray to Rachel Hean Dobson, Dallas County

Jimmy Hodges Ellis Jr to Randolph Bain McLaughlin, Dallas County, $28,000

Randolph Bain McLaughlin to Alabama Ag Credit FLCA, Dallas County

Randolph Bain McLaughlin to Jimmy Hodges Ellis Jr, Dallas County, $142,000

RBS Financial Products to U S Bank National Association, 2402 Co Rd 83

Bank of America N A to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 118 Pike Rd

Carl L Seele Jr to Willie Mae Pruett Seele, 436 Lauderdale St

Willie Mae Pruett Seele to Citizens Bank N A, 436 Lauderdale St, $132,000

State Farm Bank FSB by Atty to Earle Ashe, 901 2nd Ave, $13,525

Amjad Butt to Pamela A West, 309 Lapsley St, $3,000

Pamela A West to Amjad Butt, 309 Lapsley St, $72,000

Robin E Walker to Robin Ernest Walker, Dallas County, $20,000

Performance Note Fund LLC to Stone Bay Holdings II LLC, 475 Co Rd 139

David Thomas Moore to Trustmark National Bank, Dallas County, $250,000

Bank of America N A to Green Tree Servicing LLC, 489 Co Rd 139

Bank of America N A to Green Tree Servicing LLC, 2106 5th Ave

GMAC Mortgage LLC to Ocwen Loan Sericing LLC, Dallas County

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Regions Bank, Dallas County

Lonzo Smith to J P Morgan Chase Bank N A, 26 Glendale Dr, $84,500

Georgiana Shower Jackson to Rosetta C M Chatman, 315 North Ave, $27,700

Georgiana Shower Jackson to Georgiana Shower Jackson, 819 Chickasaw Ave, $10,100

Henry Stanford Yates to John Russell Martin, Dallas County

John Russell Martin to WLC Properties LLC, Dallas County, $600,000

Crystal V Blackmon to Della Grace, 2714 N Church St, $1,383

Della Grace to United Wholesale Mortgage, 2714 N Church St, $74,917

Selma Bible Methodist Church to Women and Youth Services, 515 Bell Rd, $175,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Dallas County

Henry Stanford Yates to Charles S Casey, Dallas County, $4,000

James G McKenzie to Real Estate Gallery LLC, 601 Lauderdale St, $21,000

Ellis Williams to Ellis J Williams Jr, 34 Alabama Ave, $10,835.23

Bank of America N A to Lakeview Loan Services LLC, 10668 Co Rd 37

Brenda K Fields to Bank of America N A, 603 Laurel Circle, $28,000

JPMC Specialty Mortgae LLC to Donovan L Johnson, 206 Chris Circle, $6,145

Donovan L Johnson to State Farm Bank F S B, 206 Chris Circle, $116,755

Charles S Casey to WLC Properties LLC, Dallas County

E H Pooled 613 LP to Ralph E Jordan, Dallas County, $48,000

Ralph E Jordan to Ralph E Jordan, 3767 Co Rd 65

Jan M Justice to McDowell Lake Properties, Dallas County, $1,654,500

Dennis D Adams to Christopher S Hines, 5743 Co Rd 407, $105,000

Christopher S Hines to National Bank of Commerce, 5743 Co Rd 407, $245,000

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