Leave home early to get to Memorial Stadium on Friday

Published 5:15pm Thursday, August 29, 2013

If you thought it was tough to maneuver through J. L. Chestnut or Hooper Drive because of the bridge construction, just wait until Friday afternoon when everyone will be trying to flock to Memorial Stadium to catch the Selma versus Southside football game.
With the Panthers versus the Saints — one of the county’s largest rivalry games —on the horizon, traffic is almost assuredly going to be backed up as fans and school personnel try to rush to the stadium to make the 7 p.m. kickoff.
That’s why it’s important to leave early tomorrow night and expect bad traffic.  The bridge construction has had an effect on all of our routine’s over the past month or so, but Friday night it may be wise to expect longer delays than we’ve experienced thus far.
Rivalries of this magnitude usually bring in alumni from out of town, meaning there will be more traffic on the road than usual. Plus, everyone will be in a hurry as game time draws closer.
Keep in mind having to find a place to park as well. Plus, security checks will back fans up once they arrive at the stadium to ensure the safety of all in attendance.
We urge fans to leave early for the game, which will reduce traffic and allow everyone to get to the stadium as safe as possible.  If you are planning to leave at 6:30 p.m., try to find a way to leave 20 minutes early. Not only will it save you a headache; it’ll also help the night go smoother for everyone else.
Remember, everyone wants to get to the game, get a great seat and cheer on their favorite school when the opening kickoff takes place. Everyone can help out the cause by leaving a little earlier and lessening the logjam on Hooper Drive.

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