America’s future is like Detroit

Published 9:11pm Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vultures are circling over the once great city of Detroit, Michigan. For those of you who weren’t exposed to farm life, the sight of vultures circling indicates something dead on the ground. It could also indicate new life, but unfortunately for Detroit the former reason is the case.

There was a song Dandy Don Meredith used to sing at the end of an NFL contest that sums up the great liberal Democratic experiment in Detroit. When the contest was no longer in doubt, he would sound off with a few bars of, “the party’s over, turn out the lights.” For Detroit, the party’s over, it is in its death throes.

Detroit today, America tomorrow unless drastic changes aren’t forthcoming, and I see no political will or courage for that to happen. Unfortunately, being courageous and doing the things necessary to remain solvent doesn’t get a lot of votes in our entitlement society. It may even be too late at this point to correct the damages already inflicted by liberals in Washington, D.C. .

For the unbelievers, take a good look at Detroit and see the future of America.

The Obama administration is following the same glide path as Detroit, exponentially increasing public sector outlays while burdening the private sector with volumes of regulations and taxes. A sure fire formula for failure and bankruptcy.

Detroit is rated the second most dangerous city in America only being topped by Flint, Michigan. How would you like to spend your vacation in either of these two great American cities? Detroit had 411 homicides in 2012. It is a war zone more dangerous than Afghanistan. The unemployment rate was 18.6 percent, more than double the national rate of unemployment.

I wrote a column in 2008 on the demise of Detroit. According to newspaper accounts, people were moving their relatives from the cemeteries in Detroit out to safer locations.

It was so dangerous and vandalism was so wide spread they couldn’t safely get to the cemeteries to visit dead friends and relatives.

This is a city that should have come under marshal law years ago and cleaned up like Phenix City, Alabama in the 50s.

Once a symbol of American industrial might, it is now a scrap heap of abandoned houses, shattered dreams, huge public employee unions with unfunded liabilities. Detroit has been under exclusive Democratic control since 1962. After the riots of 1967, much of the tax base moved away or out to the suburbs.

Take a good look America and see what the future looks like under the Democrats liberal agenda of more and more burdensome regulations, larger intrusive federal government, increased entitlements, excessive taxation, borrowing and spending.


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