Looking forward to local Friday night lights and football

Published 5:14pm Saturday, August 10, 2013

As a child, football was my first love. When I wasn’t on the football field, I was watching football. When I wasn’t watching football, I was dreaming about football. When I wasn’t dreaming about football, I was probably staying up too late playing EA Sports Madden NFL when I should’ve been dreaming.

Eventually watching football led me into watching other sports and falling in love with them as well, but football was first. Like most young boys, I was going to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys one day. Of course, that didn’t work out. Let’s just say if I played in a pick-up game tomorrow, I probably wouldn’t be playing quarterback.

Now, I still get to be passionate about the game, just as a writer and as a fan.

If I had to pinpoint one thing I admire about people the most, it is when they are passionate about what they do. You know the people I’m talking about. They are the ones who love their job so much that you can feel the excitement when they talk. It overwhelms you. Heck, you want to do their job when the conversation ends.

Well, that’s what I enjoy the most about my job at the Times-Journal and it is what excites me the most about this upcoming football season in Dallas County.

The players and coaches in the area are passionate about the game and their schools. When I step onto a field at any of the seven high schools or Concordia College Alabama, I see how much the game means to each coach. I get excited listening to them teach their team and it makes me want to strap on a helmet and throw on some shoulder pads.

I’ve been in the weight rooms. I’ve seen athletes from every team practice through the heat, withstand the desire to give up, and continue to stand proud with their teammates. All of them are working hard.

Like anybody else, I’m excited to see what happens with the New England Patriots after their nightmarish offseason or with the University of Alabama, following all of the Crimson Tide’s recent success, but in all honesty I’m more excited to see how Dallas County looks under new head coach Barry Colburn or how effective Morgan Academy’s fast-pace offense is in wearing down opponents. That’s not even the beginning though. I want to see how the Southside-Selma game goes after watching both teams push hard this offseason in 7-on-7 and through workouts. I want to see if Keith can continue its recent success and if Ellwood Christian can build on its first year in AHSAA. And how much fun will the Meadowview vs. Morgan game be?

The upcoming season in football season promises to be a fantastic one, with every team set up for success.

There’s almost enough action to satisfy the endless hunger of the world’s biggest football fan … almost.

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