Remember school safety

Published 5:09pm Saturday, August 3, 2013

As parents take advantage of tax-free weekend and stock up on backpacks, pencils, notebooks, and anything else a student could use to get through school, summer break nears its conclusion. In only a few days — some schools start back Aug. 12 — schools will open and students will flood in, hungry for knowledge and ready to learn.

Bus stops will soon be lined with children laughing and playing, so it is important that drivers proceed with caution through these areas. Students will be carrying heavy bookbags, along with anything else they had to take to school that day, so be aware of a student dropping something and reacting quickly and moving into the road.

School zone speed limit signs will again light up and flash warnings, so make sure to slow your speed and look for students in those areas. Even after school hours, a school will be filled with athletes preparing for sports, members of a club or the band, so it is always important to carefully survey your surroundings and watch for them.

Everyone will be rushing to work because of the detour route, but remember a lot of children in our community walk to school. Even if it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, it is important to watch your speed. It is also key to watch for buses. When a bus puts up its stop sign, please follow the law and stop. If you have to be out early in the morning when buses run, please adjust your schedule for being behind one so that you aren’t in a rush.

We all have places to be and meetings to attend, but nothing outweighs the safety of our students.


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