More should jump on board with St. James efforts

Published 11:14pm Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The bad attitudes can be felt from some around the city. Some are questioning the relevance and effectiveness of having volunteers from around the city host visitors at the St. James Hotel until another management company comes into the picture to fulfill what the city has envisioned for the city for years.

The river, the architecture and the location of the hotel have council members and volunteers alike saying: this place is just too good to let go to waste.

For those who may turn their noses up and criticize the city for using volunteers, this just shows the spirit of Selma.

In a world where not many would step up just to save a place that is special to the community and has qualities that could bring in wonderful things for the community, volunteers came together under the same purpose.

What a reason to celebrate — that Selma is a community that still can come together. For so long those in the city have begged and pleaded that parties come together in the city and work to make Selma better. Well here is a shining example. Volunteers running a hotel because they believe in what it can do for Selma, they want everyone who comes over the Edmund Pettus Bridge to see Selma the way they do. They want there to be good service, clean sheets and an inkeeper that can give you directions to a good restaurant.

Another management company will come in due time, but for now volunteers can try to work for what they have always wanted to see done.

Imagine if every resident in the community worked as hard as they did to roll up their sleeves, so they could see their vision for Selma come to fruition instead of just talking about it.

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