My opinion remains my opinion

Published 11:28pm Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For the sake of clarity, it is essential for me to establish that my opinion in The Selma Times-Journal represents no one other but myself. I’m in no way the voice of the Selma City School Board or any other organization.

I am just an ordinary member of Selma City School Board, and I have not been authorized to write on their behalf; consequently, the column is strictly mine. I exclusively take responsibility for the column.

I thank God for empowering me to share information and encourage people in The Selma Times-Journal. It is an honor to be associated with a newspaper that’s been diligent lately in terms of reporting both the good and the bad.

I was definitely pleased with the newspaper when they published my article that vehemently disagreed with their editorial. To me, it depicts an entity that’s not perilously protective of itself.

In spite of how anybody may try to analyze, criticize or take my articles personal, I strongly believe the totality of the column’s message is about our peace, hope and love; it is about our growth and improvement.

When I use ‘we’ in my writing, I’m in no way referring to any entity that I’m affiliated with; rather I’m referring to myself, family, friends and any reader who identifies with the issue in question. For example, in reference to my last article entitled “improving Collaborative Relationship,” I asserted we have to constantly remind ourselves that our sense of worth or motivation is not based on affiliation, title, class, etc. but is based on the verity that greater is the God in us than any worldly connection.

In the last paragraph, I also said let’s continue to reward good deeds with encouragement for it is awfully detrimental to reward good deeds with evil. Statements like this are universal and do not deserve local approval. The truth of the matter is the Selma City Schools come to mind once in a while when I write but generally, it is usually the least on my mind. I think of the world and the community’s overall improvement when I write.

God brought me to Selma and I’m living here right now; consequently, I’ll continue to utilize this medium to ensure that a place that I’ve called home for 16 years shines brightly. People who know me very well can attest to the fact that the way I write didn’t just start when I joined the school board. God started it before I became a part of the school board; as a result man may not be able to put a stop to it.

Moreover, it is unjust to expect me to reason like all on the board. While I do not have room for hate, I obviously have room for disagreement of opinions when necessary, and these are sometimes depicted in my column with no malice.

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