Colburn named head coach at Dallas County

Published 10:39pm Friday, July 12, 2013

Thursday night the Dallas County School Board named Barry Colburn the new football coach of Dallas County High School.

Colburn has served as the school’s interim head coach since Spring 2013. He coached the Hornets in their jamboree game and has led them in 7-on-7 competitions at Southside and Chilton County High School.

“I’m excited about it. We have a tremendous school. We have a wonderful school, We have great teachers and they work hard,” Colburn said. “The administration is very supportive. You can’t ask for better people than that. To me, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. We’ve got good teaching, good administration, and our coaching staff is wonderful. I really believe they love and care for our kids.”

He says that coaching is in his blood. His father, his identical twin brother, his uncle, and some of his cousins were all football coaches.

“It is our family business. I’ve been around it my whole life and I admit that it is a big part of what makes me who I am,” Colburn said. “It makes me get up every morning and want to go to work. It may be work for somebody else, but going to school and being with kids and working in athletics is not work. It is an absolute pleasure. I enjoy it.”

Colburn admits his father was the best coach in the family. As a tribute to his dad, he always wears a shirt and tie when he coaches.

“He [coached] back in the 40’s, but he never went on the field without a tie and a coat,” Colburn said. “I’m not going to wear a coat, but you will never see me at a varsity game that I’m a head coach that I don’t wear a shirt and tie.”

He says that he learned a lot about football from his dad and brother, but he picked up on more than just offensive formations or defensive schemes.

“I have all the admiration for them. I’ve been around them my whole life, but I learned a lot from my brother and from my dad that you just don’t learn from somebody else,” Colburn said. “Not necessarily the X’s and O’s, but how to treat people and how to get the job done. My brother always lived by this code: Desire and dedication always equal success. That was one of his motto’s.”

Throughout the offseason, Colburn has been very complimentary of his players for their great attitudes and strong work ethic.

“We have great kids. Are they going to make mistakes? Absolutely. Do they lose focus sometimes? Absolutely,” Colburn said. “But, overall, just like any other teenagers, they are going to make their mistakes, but they are great kids. I just love the way they respond to our coaches and our school system.”

One thing Colburn says he hopes to do in his time at Dallas County is build a program that can be competitive for a long time — not just one good season every now and then.

“I would like to put together a program that will last over time. Not a flash in the pan, but something that is going to be a valuable part of the school system for a long time, even after I’m gone,” Colburn said.

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