Sheriff’s Department to offer gun safety class

Published 7:17am Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Dallas County Sheriff wants to make sure others know how to shoot — or at least practice safe shooting and know gun safety tips.

Sheriff Harris Huffman said his office is hosting a course on pistol safety in light of new state gun laws and measures to improve gun safety and knowledge for those who own them.

The one-day course will include classroom time as well as shooting experience on a range, where Huffman will include lessons on what to do in the case of a misfire and other scenarios.

“Most people in this area grew up with guns,” Huffman said. “Maybe their fathers, husbands, sons and daughters grew up hunting and I guess just with everything going on with the new gun law in Alabama, there will be some do’s and don’ts — so it’s just a way to introduce to people the necessity for gun safety.”

New gun laws in the state passed in June and will take effect beginning Aug. 1, one month prior to the firearm safety class.

The class will be held Sept. 19 at 9 a.m. and the class registration is first come first serve. The first 20 to register beginning Aug. 1 through Aug. 15 will have the chance to sit in on the all-day instruction for a $25 registration fee.

Those that do not register may have another chance, as Huffman said the if the class is full, he will likely hold another.

Huffman said the course would cover things like how to fix a revolver that misfires or an automatic handgun that gets jammed and remove the bullet safely, as well as how to store guns safely in the home with children present.

“The biggest thing they will learn is how to load and unload a gun properly,” Huffman said. “They will also learn the legal aspects of where you can carry your gun and where you can’t. They will learn gun safety at home — like where to put it and also transportation of the gun — what to do if you are traveling out of state.”

He said many people need to know what states recognize Alabama’s pistol permits, and that will be covered in the course as well.

“We just really want to put the emphasis on gun safety and how to use them safely,” Huffman said.

For questions regarding the upcoming class, call the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department at (334) 874-2563.

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