Marriage is one man, one woman

Published 10:17pm Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do you ever get the feeling our country is on the fast track to implosion from within? Well, welcome to the club, as I heard someone say recently, “We are on the Roman road to ruin..”

The liberals are on a tear with a head of steam headed straight downhill morally, ethically, and fiscally. If the crushing debt doesn’t get us first, surely the immorality, blatant lack of virtue, and total abandonment of religious tenets will.

We are presently engaged in a struggle for the very soul of America. We are either of God, or of the devil, there is no middle ground. The devil presently is winning the battle, but hopefully not the war. Pulpits and pews simply have to become more involved in this struggle. For too long the Church has been silent, and now we reap the consequences. In a recent article Michael Youssef, PhD and founding rector of The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, GA quoted this truism; “As goes the pulpit, so goes the pew, and as goes the pew, so goes the nation..”

Unfortunately, some protestant denominations have already chosen to deviate from scriptural teachings and appease the loud voices of inclusiveness, tolerance and acceptance of sinful behavior.  This has also fueled the liberal movement and caused undue harm to denominations and institutions still maintaining Biblical tenets.

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy of the Supreme Court writing recently on striking down portions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)  essentially said:  “that anyone who believes in that institution as one man and one woman has to be a bigot, has to be someone who is mean-spirited, is demeaning, and is frankly an enemy of humanity.” Ironically, DOMA was one of the highlights of the Clinton administration.

Makes you wonder if Justice Kennedy really understands the God ordained sanctity of marriage and it being the bedrock of civilization. Those shameful characterizations are meant for Christians, of course. The devils tool of the liberal crowd is spiteful words and name calling since they cannot challenge the premise on merits. In an unprecedented show of solidarity, before the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA, over 200 clergy, national leaders and Christian based institutions signed a Marriage Solidarity Statement.

It basically says the nation’s highest court has no authority to redefine marriage. Marriage predates civil institutions. Furthermore, it stated redefining marriage is a line they must draw and could not and would not cross.

At least it is a start in the right direction, but it will take more than words on a paper.

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