Unfair school board evaluation by media

Published 7:55pm Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In my opinion, The Selma Times-Journal editorial of Sunday, June 23 that was entitled “Enough is enough” exhibited an unfair evaluation of some members of the Selma City Board of Education.

Two or more quotes stole away the validity of the piece of writing. In reference to the ongoing state investigation, the editorial erroneously assumed that, “Someone finally stood up for what’s right. Someone finally listened to the complaints.  Someone finally stepped up for Selma’s children.” This extract is undoubtedly debatable because some people have always listened, stood up and stepped up for the children of Selma.

Thanks to Katie Wood’s report and a YouTube video which I did not know existed until few days ago when I incidentally came up on a video on YouTube that has my name on it .When I played the video I found myself explaining to parents and the residents of Selma, my rationale for voting to support an investigation into the alleged sexual or other abuse claims.

Further viewing, unveiled two more videos; one for Dr. Chapatwala’s remark and another for the entire board.

These videos are still on YouTube I suppose, and the writer of that editorial can check it out or refer to the report by Katie Wood on that board meeting before engaging in gratuitous stereotyping and sweeping generalizations.

The second questionable quote in the article states, “The developments over the past few weeks have shown a complete failure by the leadership of the Selma City School Board as a whole, and as a whole they will be judged.”

One cannot help but be utterly disappointed at the writer or writers who are yet to realize that each board member is accountable for his or her vote; and should explain it to his or her constituency and the city.

For me, I also have to explain it to the God who judges people individually.

It is true that the State is involved in the investigation at this point, but it is unfair to give misleading information to the public. A local board chairman initiated the call for investigation, a local board member supported with a vote and a statement, the vote did not pass and the residents of Selma appealed to Montgomery, according to the media.

Now is not the time to discredit and judge; it is time for humility, prayer and an obligatory change so that sins will be forgiven by God and the people; subsequently, Selma will be utterly healed. The school system, more than any other sector, deserves to start the healing process.

Education is a key asset to any city and any attempt to discredit the entire leadership of the educational system may be dangerous. Investors and industrialists should be assured that there is hope for improvement.

Furthermore, that there are leaders in the school that care about everybody’s progress .

We comprehend the fact that industries want to enjoy the benefits of having well prepared workers as they also want the children of their employees to have access to quality education in a conducive environment.

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