Selma’s trash is littering our future

Published 8:58pm Wednesday, June 19, 2013

By Sarah Mahan 

The Selma Times-Journal


The Selma I drove through when I first visited town ten years ago is not the same Selma I work in today.

I can see evidence of the changes Selma has undergone through the years. I can see traces of what Selma was and the possibilities of what Selma could be every time I drive down a newly renovated street — like Water Avenue.

I see the evidence of our town’s past when there are historic homes being remodeled or repurposed, and I see the possibilities for its future when council members or county commissioners say a prayer before they begin their meetings.

I can see Selma’s potential in both reminders of the past and ideas for the future, but when I drive down the road and see shoes thrown over power lines and beer cans littering street gutters, it becomes difficult for me to see through the garbage.

I have attended both a county commission meeting and a city council work session in the first month of my internship.

I expected budget funding and road repairs to be discussed by both Selma City Council members and Dallas County commissioners, but I was struck by a problem I hadn’t expected to be mentioned. Both discussed the need for trash to be cleaned up both on public roads and private residences.

If there is one thing each Selma resident can do, it is pick up a piece of trash off the street or make a conscious effort to not throw garbage out the car window. It makes a difference, not just in public places but on private properties that people often see while driving.

I encourage Selma residents to recognize the negative impact that throwing a fast food bag out the car window or piling trash in the front lawn can have on the community.

If this column stops one person from throwing their trash out their car window or encourages one person to pick up an empty container off the side of the road, then I have accomplished something.

That is one less piece of garbage I have to see through in order to see the potential Selma possesses and one less obstacle to turning that potential into a reality.

Please take pride in our town by helping to keep it clean.

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