Local children weigh in on why they love their fathers

Published 6:44pm Saturday, June 15, 2013

By Sarah Mahan

The Selma Times-Journal

While 4-year-old William Holley decorated a card to give his father at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library on Friday, he said “I love my dad because he is crazy and snores really loud.”

The reasons the children gave for loving their fathers ranged from snoring to cooking pork chops. For most of the children decorating colorful cards to prepare for Father’s Day, it was the small things that made them love their fathers.

“I love that my dad gets me a bike and always wants to spend time with me,” 4-year-old Jade Riddle said after mentioning how excited her father is going to be after getting his homemade card.

“My dad always tells me funny jokes to make me laugh,” Megan Owens said before explaining that his jokes are truly funny and actually do make her laugh.

The children especially enjoyed talking about all the fun, silly things they enjoy doing with their fathers.

“I love getting to go bowling with my dad,” Deejay Hernandez said. “He says ‘field goal’ when I have split pins to make me laugh.”

Megan Owens said, “My dad goes on rides with me, like at the fair. It’s my favorite thing to do with him.”

Most of the children agreed with 7-year-old Cameron King when he said, “Father’s Day is about making arts and crafts to give to my dad,” but 7-year-old Shayonie Powell summed up her meaning of Father’s Day when she said, “[it is a day] to tell my dad I love him in case he goes somewhere. He should know I say thank you. I would be sad without him.”

All the children agreed that having no fathers to celebrate on Father’s Day would make life a lot less fun.

“[Not having a dad] would be bad because I would be sad all the time,” Austin Blackmon said. “I would have no one to play my fighting video games with.”

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