Dallas County Land Transactions for period ending June 6, 2013

Published 5:00pm Saturday, June 8, 2013

Michael L Wyatt to Michael L Wyatt, Dallas County, $5,600

Countrywide Home Loans to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 95 Providence Ave

Chudy N Okoye to Clemencia T Perkins, 1918 LaForet Dr

Clemencia T Perkins to Chudy N Okoye, 1919 LaForet Dr, $127,551

Mildred W Dawson to James Dawson, 2709 Hwy 14E, $169,600

Clarence Mixon, Jr to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $41,600

Gloria D Green to Wells Fargo Bank N A, 217 Montrose St, $82,550

Cora Drake Agee to J P Morgan Chase Bank N A, Dallas County, $105,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Bank of America NA, 1658 Co Rd 44

Robin Scott Harris to PNC Bank National Assoc, 1708 Co Rd 12, $84,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to U S Bank National Assoc, Dallas County

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Dallas County

Bruce M Till to Trustmark National Bank, 5436 Merrifield Dr, $20,000

Evelyn P Jackson to Regions Bank, 2896 Thomas Dr, $68,900

Pamela F Marshall to New Day Financial LLC, 13 Westhaven Dr, $82,739

Tad Lightfoot to Cadence Bank NA, 218 Pine Needle Dr, $108,500

Irene G Bonner to Bonita Lewis, 803 Woodrow Ave, $1,152

Bonita Lewis to VanDyk Mortgage Corp, 803 Woodrow Ave, $62,448

Carol O Sommers to Gus W Colvin III, 926 Houston Park, $130,000

Gus W Colvin III to Community Bankers Mortgage, 926 Houston Park, $172,000

Chris M Johnson to Willie Hall, 1216 Doherty Ave, $2,000

Willie Hall to Chris M Johnson, Dallas County, $29,500

Green Tree Servicing LLC to Jeffrey J Daniels, 5015 Hwy 80W, $28,000

Jeffrey J Daniels to Riverdale Credit Union, 5015 Hwy 80W

Christy C McIntyre to Sammy Cannon, 12976 Co Rd 7, $80,000

Sammy Cannon to Riverdale Credit Union, 12976 Co Rd 7

Willie E Jones to Irene Bonner, 305 Crestwood Dr, $2,808

Irene Bonner to VanDyk Mortgage Corp, 305 Crestwood Dr, $152,192

Doy Leale McCall to Doy Leale McCall, Dallas County

Selma Medical Associates to Nicholas A Knight, Dallas County, $2,700

Speir-Keith Land Co to Delundra Garner, Lot 45, Washington Place Subdivision, $1,500

Delundra Garner to Speir-Keith Land Co, Lot 45, Washington Place Subdivision, $9,400

Meredith Jackson to Reliance First Capital LLC, 500 Deepwoods Dr, $206,500

Tammy J Major to Discover Homes Loans Inc211 W Castlewood Dr, $122,202

Ohio Investments LLC to Eugene C McCormick, Dallas County, $59,900

Bank of America N A to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 317 McDonald Ave

Beverly Kennedy to Arcola Morgan, Dallas County, $500

John W Kelly III to Ryan F Kelly, 113 Jackson St, $30,000

Joseph Edward Whitacre to Michael Joseph Whitacre, 132 St Andrews Dr, $58,283

Thomas Blann Bell to William Whitt Bell, 150 Co Rd 142, $16,500

Parker Kennedy to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 213 Deepwoods Circle, $79,800

Vallarie James to James A Woods, Dallas County, $2,000

Jacquelyn E McConnell to Robert D McConnell, Dallas County, $79,600

Amjad Butt to Islamic Foundation of Selma, 717 J L Chestnut Blvd, $34,900

Mark Lee McClendon to Pilcher Land Corp, Dallas County, $102,000

Mortgage Electronic Regis to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Dallas County

Associates First Capital to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 2937 Co Rd 81

Pearl S Bounds-Myers to James Timothy Bounds, 201 Belden Ave, $36,450

Laura L Rock to Anthony Leon Richardson, Dallas County, $9,400

Alex Thomas to Renata Wallace Thomas, 13440 Co Rd 37, $27,500

Termaine Coleman to Regions Bank, 3508 Summerfield Rd, $54,650

Bank of New York Mellon to James Lowe, 4463 Co Rd 63, $18,000

Rico Holmes by Power of Attorney to Charles W Lang, Dallas County, $35,000

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