Baseball fields ravaged

Published 7:31pm Friday, June 7, 2013

Over the past few months, several city baseball fields have been ravaged and torn apart in reckless vandalism. Reportedly, these thieves have been selling off stolen parts of metal poles and other scrap material. Rough estimates of replacement costs are above $20,000.

We hope whoever is responsible for this vandalism is located and served justice. Our baseball fields are important to Selma and Dallas County in that they provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and their families to use during the summer months.

Baseball, just like any other sport, helps build character in our youth.

We are confident that our local law enforcement can put an end to recent vandalism and restore hope in the community. Our youth deserve a place where they can play and practice sports with good, intact equipment.

As a city, we deserve to have well-kept facilities — like our baseball fields. Our hearts go out to all those affected by these senseless crimes.

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